identify method for ggtree

We are happy to announce that ggtree supports interactive tree annotation/manipulation by implementing an identify method. Users can click on a node to highlight a clade, to label or rotate it etc.

Here is an example of highlighting clades using geom_hilight with identify:

Here is another example of using emojifont to label clades.

Interactive tree manipulation, e.g. rotating clades, is also possible.

The videos are also available in youku (优酷), see, and


G Yu, DK Smith, H Zhu, Y Guan, TTY Lam*. ggtree: an R package for visualization and annotation of phylogenetic trees with their covariates and other associated data. Methods in Ecology and Evolution. doi:10.1111/2041-210X.12628.

Guangchuang Yu
Professor of Bioinformatics

I am a Professor of Bioinformatics at Southern Medical University. I am broadly interested in bioinformatics, metagenomics and molecular evolution.
I love the R programming language and have contributed 10 Bioconductor packages to the community.