I have been using clusterProfiler, which is a very useful package for gene set analysis and visualisation. I would like to use the ‘cnetplot’ function to plot a network of GO terms and the related genes. However for larger networks, the automatic display can be confusing and it would be helpful to be able to move nodes around. In the past I could do this with with cnetplot(fixed=FALSE) option, but after updating R and re-installing clusterProfiler, the output remains static.

I am using R 3.5.3 with clusterProfiler v3.10.1 which I installed using Bioconductor 3.8. I have installed and loaded the ‘igraph’ package, and the following test code produces output in an interactive window, as desired:

library(igraph) g <- make_ring(10) tkplot(g)

Is there any way to make cnetplot output interactive, or is that functionality simply not available in the latest release?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!



当然还有一点,就是你想重复出以前版本的图,这种情况似乎你只能安装一个老版本的R和老版本的DOSE, clusterProfiler包,不过做为一个细心细致的人,我早就想到了,在重新实现了新的画图函数的时候,就已经把老函数分离出来,打一个R包,以备大家所需。