After the release of meme package, I received several feedbacks from users.

The most usefule one is the comment on my blog post:

Greetings Mr. Yu,

I am very happy that this package exists. Thank you for making it! I would like to request a feature, to ensure the package is able to compete with professional meme-creation tools like memegenerator and Since memes often use the font Impact, in white and with black outline, I believe the package would be more powerful if it also did that automatically.


The words, ‘compete with professional meme-creation tools’, stimulated me to develop text plotting with background outline effect.

Now this feature is available in meme v>=0.0.7, which can be downloaded from CRAN.

Here is an example:

u <- system.file("angry8.jpg", package="meme")
meme(u, "code", "all the things!")

To make this shadow text feature available to the R community, I created another package, shadowtext, that creates/draws text grob with background shadow for grid and ggplot2. If you are interesting, please refer to the online vignette.